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About Us

About us

The ikyzen team is dedicated to excellence in service delivery within pharmacovigilance.

We developed ikyzen to solve a common problem across pharmacovigilance departments. A problem not unique to any one PV department, but an Industry-wide challenge.

The collection, assimilation and upkeep of constantly evolving regulatory requirements across the globe is extraordinarily time-consuming and difficult. Yet this information forms the foundation of compliance and patient safety.

About ikyzen

The ikyzen system complements pharmacovigilance and regulatory activities across the Industry as the single resource of regulatory intelligence information. Introducing ikyzen to the Industry immediately relieves an immense and cumbersome burden associated with independent regulatory intelligence collection processes.

ikyzen has been developed on the pillars of the Kaizen philosophy:

The Kaizen approach is a dedication to continuously improving effectiveness and satisfaction while reducing wasted effort. The core tenets of continuous improvement of Kaizen include: Standardizing a process so that it is compliant, repeatable and organized.

ikyzen brings a fresh approach to the management of pharmacovigilance and drug safety operations. With ikyzen, we look forward to an Industry that is no longer burdened by the challenges of regulatory intelligence collection; which in turn can confidently and effortlessly meet the demands placed upon it by Regulatory Authorities and Agencies around the world.

Streamline your safety surveillance activity

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